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The applicant should explain all of the key elements that make a successful manager and how that relates to the applicant. The applicant should describe the decision that was made as well as the consequences that would befall the organization if the decision had not been made in a timely manner.

The above explanation towards the quality and quantity of the Tanglewood retail store only comes from your report Mr. July 18th, Every business in the global market has to have some sort of staffing strategy in order to be successful.

Applicant shows knowledge of personal management, but fails to Tanglewood essay a detailed course of action. What are the traditional arguments for and against using realistic recruiting policies.

Staffing services believes that a half-hour interview will be appropriate, with about 3 minutes per interview question. The position at Spokane requires a manager who has already had previous retail experience considering the uniqueness of the Spokane store. Though his score in the applicant exam and retail information are both below average, his Biodata is substantially higher compared to the other applicants.

Using the rational weighing scheme allows the company to adjust the weights of each assessment method accordingly based on the demanded KSAOs of the job position.

Applicant fails to find a workplace solution to solve the conflict at hand. Short or Long Term Focus: Describe a time when you anticipation problems and developed preventive measures.


Following the results of the rational weighing, the company would choose to hire the top three applicants: In the beginning a flexible workforce may seem to cut cost but when factor in the additional training cost and the lack of motivation from the employee, it advantages and disadvantages even out.

The applicant should explain how he or she, used their verbal communication skills to motivate others as well as what the situation involved and who was the audience that was being motivated. A retention plan is important to Tanglewood because it helps to avoid employee turnover and associated costs: Question 6 Job Title Department Manager Item Description Situational question asking the applicant to address legal concerns and resolve the conflict at hand.

Tell me about a time you had to go beyond your comfort zone and personal limits to satisfy an unhappy customer. If Tanglewood is going to be the premier camping supply store then maybe the organization wants to hire someone with outdoors experience.

Tanglewood Case Essay Sample

Question Tell me about a time you received a complaint about one of your employees. How would you resolve the conflict and ensure customer satisfaction.

The case also demonstrates how you can use organizational data to determine what the best methods for recruiting are.

Candidate 10, 8 and 3 with scores of 76, 73, and 70 respectively. Tell me about a major problem you recently handled. Communicate effectively with the customer.

Tanglewood Retail store is one of the big and puplor retailers among 12 regions locally and ovbersees. The pattern and the process of Tanglewood has to be similar, however, internal department methods will run depending on the regions culture.

Suppose an irate customer demands compensation that exceeds company policy i. Were you successful in resolving it. Applicant identifies concepts related to customer service and provides a solution.

Each interview question should have a very specific KSAO target as shown in the example. Though turnover is still a reality, being overstaffed will address those immediate issues regarding turnover. Assignment Tanglewood Case 4 1. Examine the data provided in Tables and Write a one page memo describing what the results show.

Be certain to. Essay on Tanglewood Case 1 Words | 5 Pages. Tanglewood Case One Rebecca Cassady With reference to Exhibit in the textbook, I think that of the staffing quantity and staffing quality strategies listed; that developing talent, internal hiring, and exceptional workforce quality are the fundamental strategies to implement.

Tanglewood Case

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How might the managerial focus groups’ concerns fit with these alternative considerations?

Tanglewood Case 1 Essay

6. The question of realism in the recruitment policy has been raised in focus groups. Write one paragraph proposals for targeted, realistic, and branded recruiting messages for Tanglewood’s customer store associate positions.

Tanglewood’s messages must communicate its mission statement, divulge its organizational culture, and explain its benefits, in effort to convince applicants that Tanglewood is the ideal place to be employed.

Tanglewood Case Essay Sample

Tanglewood’s messages must communicate its mission statement, divulge its organizational culture, and explain its benefits, in effort to convince applicants that Tanglewood is the ideal place to be employed.

Tanglewood essay
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