Pond apple slough essay

The upper elevations of the slough were inhabited by sawgrass, cattails, and some bald cypress and exotics, such as Brazilian pepper, Australian pine, and melaleuca Lewis, Young cypress trees are thriving. The results of the inventory indicate that, at the time, the Pond Apple Slough tree canopy was primarily pond apples with a leather fern understory Lewis, Details regarding the revised design are provided in the District's Surface Water Permit Application The PAS Working Group agreed that a permanent and stable supply of fresh water was needed for the slough.

Professional American Writers make my essay better online chinese lessons,college to working essay,leadership ability essay. The working group was comprised of Broward County and District staff, as well as other individuals with an interest in the condition and restoration of Pond Apple Slough.

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The total volume of water pumped during the 16 days of the test was about 3. Write my history essay for me.


A decrease in natural overland flow allowed the intrusion of salt water, causing the deaths of cypress trees from salt stress, the invasion of mangroves into historic freshwater areas, and the toppling of pond apple trees due to marine isopods eating the pond apple roots.

Plants will be sent via Priority Mail. Pondhawk Natural Area protects 79 acres of scrub habitats and wetlands, including a relict pond apple slough with some of the tallest pond apple trees in Florida.

Does anyone have any experience with their palms getting struck. It is about 10 feet in the western part of the county, and thickens to about feet in the Fort Lauderdale area Leach, ; Hoffmeister, The design of the system is now completed, and the contractor is in the process of obtaining necessary permits before beginning construction.

As an urban wetland, Pond Apple Slough helps to absorb flood water, naturally filter water, and provide a refuge for wildlife in the midst of development.

Pond Apple Slough Essay

Technical Report Series, TR: In some areas, the Pamlico sand is clean and well sorted, while in other areas, it is poorly sorted with intermixed finer sand grains, silt, and organic materials.

Precipitation in Broward County. Almost everyone on PT is familiar with this beautiful, stately palm. The data showed minimal water level changes between the times the pump was on and off. Pond apple slough essay Resume letter examples application Gsu thesis signature page Pond apple slough essay; World order hsc essays; Write scholarship essay yourself; About mahatma gandhi in english essay; Adolescent literacy research paper; Oaks fishery sessay - greek shipping miracle Bay WordPress om pond apple slough essay; The oaks lakes sessay - facebook.

Roystonea regia at Pond Apple Slough park in Fort Lauderdale

The proposed restoration plan had listed five key tasks that would need to be conducted to complete the restoration Lewis, Some people consider it the most beautiful palm in the world.

Find jobs, interact with writing companies. Ecosystems of south Florida Freshwater and terrestrial ecosystems Ponds and sloughs. The greenish clays of the Hawthorn and Tamiami formations require the identification of macrofossils to accurately differentiate between them. The pump was operated manually and was maintained by the District's Fort Lauderdale Field Station staff.

This deterioration prompted concerns by a number of public agencies and private organizations. The Anastasia Foration is pimaily sandy limestone, calcareous sandstone, fossiliferous calcareous quartz sand shells, and coquina Hoffmeistei, ; Scott, This low to medium permeability sand is carbonaceous quartz and is frequently very fossiliferous.

Roger has volunteered to lead a trip into Pond Apple Slough! "Pond Apple Slough is a acre urban wetland in eastern Broward County. The unique characteristics of Pond Apple Slough can be attributed to the fact that it is part of the forested drainageway formed near the New River break in the coastal ridge, along the edge of the remnant.

Pond Apple Slough Essay

stand of mature pond apple trees (Annona glabra) that was restored. • Over mature exotic invasive trees were removed from site. • 10, cubic yards of muck was removed to POND APPLE SLOUGH A Chain of Lakes Restoration Project. Title: Slide 1 Author: Alyssa Dodd.

Mar 19,  · More than 37, trees and shrubs have been planted, including pond apples, gumbo limbo trees, mahogany trees and cocoplums.

Pond Apple Slough : Preliminary Assessment and Rehydration Test

DOT said it has spent $ million on slough - $ million to buy land, $ million in. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know whether the the royal palms growing in "Pond Apple Slough park" in Fort Lauderdale are native or human-planted?

I. Drivers on Interstate probably zip past the Pond Apple Slough without even realizing it. The slough, a large wetland, is a green gem in an unlikely spot. Pond Apple Slough TABLE OF CONTENTS Executive Summary i Table of Contents iii List of Tables v List of Figures vii Acknowledgements ix Introduction 1 Pond Apple Slough Hydrology 5 References 10 Appendix A: Pond Apple Slough Charts and Data A-1 December 17, Table of Contents iii.

Pond apple slough essay
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Pond Apple Slough : Preliminary Assessment and Rehydration Test