Environmental issues in real estate essay

Impact on water sources When the quantity of polluted substances increases in the soil, they reach the water sources and increase the concentration of salts and other harmful substances in them, as a result of which such water sources are not able to provide potable water. These issues can impact the health and safety of our families as well as deflate the value of our homes and residential or commercial real estate investments.

There are many advantages of this: Many lawsuits have been filed because of molds. It can also cause cancer in animals.

So, the destruction of soil is in a way loss of limited and non-renewal property. However, if the landowner was not responsible for the hazardous waste, then he can sue those who were responsible to reimburse him for his liability. One gram fertile soil contains about million bacteria and fungus equivalent to meters.

The location of many USTs has been forgotten, and will eventually leak their toxic contents into the groundwater, creating a potential liability for the landowner.

In India, the population is growing faster than our resources, so we need more yield. We may not even know that our kidney and liver are affected by harmful chemicals from out-of-use electronic equipment, and diseases like cancer and paralysis are also increased.

A sea change hemingway analysis essay qualitative forschungsmethoden beispiel essay gout research paper. Environmental issues as well as health and safety concerns are present in any neighborhood. People sometimes irrigate farms with sewage water.

Effects of Soil pollution

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Environmental Impact Statement EIS If land is going to be developed and its financing or construction is in anyway supported by the federal government, then an Environmental Impact Statement EISwhich is an analysis of the expected effects that the development will have on the environment, may be required before development can commence.

Green computing is essential for this solution, i. In time, the tanks corrode and start to leak. Groundwater has 20 times the amount of water that is contained in lakes and streams on the continents' surface, and is the main source of drinking water. Impact on animal and human health Soil is an important and vibrant unit in our ecosystem.

Together with toxic chemicals and gaseous formations, the land becomes barren and poisonous; through vegetables, fruits and crops; poisonous substances grown in water and air reach our body and make us sick. Earlier in general, the garbage was generated out of the newspaper, old clothes, iron etc, but now with old CDs, TVs, ovens, refrigerators, laptops, keyboards, mouse, condenser, microchips, computers, electronic toys and many plastic items, there is an accumulation of e-waste.

The main danger of radon is its radioactivity, which can cause lung cancer because it is breathed in with the air. Conclusion Soil pollution adversely affects the quality and the fertility of soil from human-born sources or natural sources.

Environmental Hazards Outside the Home The main environmental hazard outside of the home is the presence of hazardous waste on the property, which could possibly create a large liability for the landowner, even if the owner was not responsible for the hazardous waste.

Environmental Hazards in the Home In the past, there were several hazardous materials, or components of materials, used in residential housing, with the main hazards being asbestos, lead, and formaldehyde. Radon Radon is a radioactive gas found in the ground, especially in particular areas of the country, that permeates through the pores and interstices of the ground and can enter homes through cracks or other openings below the ground level of a house.

If the house is airtight, as many are to conserve energy, the radon gas can accumulate over time and spread throughout the house. The main potential source of carbon monoxide in the home is furnaces:. Environmental regulations and the real estate industry.

Environmental Hazards in Real Estate

Draws from results of recent research concerning the implications of environmental issues and the real estate industry. Concludes that. Real Estate Property & Neighborhood US EPA Superfund site locations, hazardous waste cleanup issues and any relevant neighborhood environmental issues.

Whether you are a real estate developer, property manager. He was also a senior editor with Exchange4media group’s real estate magazine 'Realty Plus', and prior to that Consulting Editor with 'Geopolitics', a magazine on defence and strategic affairs.

Currently, he lends his professional expertise to several publications and websites in content planning, commissioning, writing, and editing. Environmental Issues - Environmental impact of a housing estate.

My Account. Environmental impact of a housing estate Essay. Environmental impact of a housing estate Essay Essay about Real Estate Development in the Ski Industry - Real Estate Development in the Ski Industry The NH ski industry has been a part of my life since.

Due Diligence Involving Commercial Real Estate. Buying and selling a commercial property? Do you know what Due Diligence is? Informed buyers and sellers do and it will be done during the transaction and it will lengthen the process regardless if an environmental issue is found.

Major Issues in Real Property Law Quintin Johnstone Yale Law School ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL 9 (J. Bain & W. Hehman eds. ). See also Downs, Up and Down With Ecology-The"Issue-AttentionCycle," 28 PuB.

INTEREST 38 of the issues is essential to an understanding of this development.

Environmental issues in real estate essay
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